8 ball pool break

8 Ball Pool Best Break Tips

8 Ball Pool Best Break

There are many 8 ball pool break shots, theories, and strategies depending on the best 8 ball pool best break. I’m going to post about 8 ball pool or 9 ball pool game break which will help to pot you more and more balls in the start.


8 Ball Pool and 9 Ball Pool both are generally “power break” games where you want to hit the rack as hard as you can to generate a good spread of the balls. Eight ball requires more power to do this since there’s a full rack of 15 balls versus just 9 balls in 9 ball pool.


Either way, you should break with “controllable power.” What this means is that you’re hitting the cue ball with as much power as you can while sending it exactly where you’re aiming to make proper contact with the rack and without putting an unintended spin on the cue ball. Of course, this will be different for every player and as you develop a more consistent and better break stroke, you’ll be able to up your speed.


8 Ball Pool Break Shot

In 8 ball, if you place the cue ball anywhere within a diamond of the center line, hitting the head ball as full as possible will transfer the most energy to the rest of the rack. Another strategy is to start with the cue ball near the rail and aim to hit the second ball in the rack as full as possible.

8 ball pool best break

In the above image, this is the most famous 8 ball pool best break shot. 90% legends use this 8 ball pool break shot. Also, this breaking shot is my favorite too. The spin should be like in the below image.

8 ball pool best break


9 Ball Pool Break Shot

In 9 ball, most players will put the cue ball near the rail and aim for a solid hit on the 1 ball. The main objective will be to pocket one of the wing balls into the same side back corner pocket. High-level players will figure this out pretty quick and you’ll start to see track marks in the table from where they’re breaking.


9 ball pool break


Some players have also utilized a soft, cut break which again pockets a wing ball and keeps the other balls mostly on one half of the table. This limits the amount of positioning they have to do going from shot to shot. But this requires a precise hit on the cue ball and cut the angle on the one ball, again emphasizing control over maximum power.


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