Download 8 Ball Pool New Version 4.3.1 APK

8 Ball Pool New Version Update 4.3.1 APK

I am here to announce that Miniclip has released a new update that is 8 ball pool 4.3.1 version. This is a very interesting 8 ball pool update. Now how interesting features this update have let us move below to explore all about the 8 ball pool new version.


Features of 8 Ball Pool New Update 4.3.1

The 8 ball pool new update is you can say the raining of 8 ball pool coins. Yes, you heard right. The new version has amazing features for those players who love to play 8 ball pool game but they don’t have many coins to enjoy the game. So the new updated version has solved that problem for the beginners.

Remember friends this the beta version of 8 ball pool that means Miniclip can change their features and the game according to their wish. So now I am going to tell that what new things are added to the 8 ball pool new version update.

8 ball pool new version update

Check the above image and try to understand the tasks for getting free 8 ball pool coins.

1. Play 3 games and get 1200 8 ball coins. The games can be played on any 8 ball pool table room.

2. To get one 8 ball pool cash prize just pot 25 games. You can earn more and more 8 ball pool cash by potting more and more balls.

3. To get 8 ball pool 3.50m coins you just have to win 70m coins from the game and that is not a big deal.


How to get 8 Ball Pool Prize

When you have finished playing 3 games or potted 25 balls or win 70m coins from the game then you have to go to the prize area and their a yellow button will be showing collect reward, click on that button to get your reward by completing your desired task. You can check the pic below.

8 ball pool new update

Now to get more prizes each task has its own time to complete that mission again. That means you have to wait for 1 hour and some minutes to again getting the mission.

8 ball pool new version

For any help or problem related to the new version of 8 ball pool feel free to comment below.

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